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Here's a little peak inside our Facebook group, where members share and celebrate their wins!

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Shannon was recently at a retreat with other LO’s and kept hearing them talk about working their businesses 24/7. Listen in to her reflections on how and why she has more time to enjoy her life (free of fear!) than most of her peers.

Listen in as Eric reflects on the amazing transformations he made in the first 12 months of coaching, and exactly how he made those changes.


Hear the amazing story of how Lisa discovered the incredible power of social media to generate more business for her than she ever thought possible.


Kevin was stuck on a plateau...listen to find out how he not only doubled his income, but turned the tables so referral partners chase HIM, not the other way around.


After a year in coaching, Aaron is surpassing his yearly goals! 


Mark made his income skyrocket...discover exactly how much by watching this clip. 


One year ago, Jenny envisioned what her business would look like in a year. Then she put the systems in place to reach those goals. You wouldn't believe what has happened to her this week!